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Vintage Plaid Double Oven Glove Stylish and Protective Kitchen Accessory

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  • Double Oven Glove Design: The Vintage Plaid Double Oven Glove features a convenient double pocket design, allowing you to slide a hand into each end for a secure grip. Its extra thickness ensures optimal protection when handling hot items.
  • Enhanced Safety: Crafted with extra thickness, this oven glove prioritizes safety, making it the perfect choice for confidently removing hot items from the oven without compromising comfort.
  • Convenient Hanging Options: After use, effortlessly drape the glove over an oven handle or hang it from the built-in loop, providing both a practical storage solution and easy accessibility in your kitchen.
  • Timeless Vintage Plaid Prints: Embrace timeless style with the vintage plaid design, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. The coordinating prints not only offer functionality but also make this oven glove an attractive display piece.
  • Generous Size for Versatility: With an approximate size of 33.5 x 7 inches (85 x 17.75 cm), this double oven glove offers ample coverage, ensuring versatility and ease of use in your kitchen for various cooking and baking needs.

Introducing the Vintage Plaid Double Oven Glove – a stylish and protective addition to your kitchen. Its double pocket design ensures a secure grip, with extra thickness for enhanced safety when handling hot items. After use, hang it conveniently using the loop or drape it over an oven handle. The timeless vintage plaid prints add sophistication, making this glove both functional and display-worthy. With its generous size, this oven glove is a must-have for any kitchen, providing both style and practicality for your cooking endeavors.