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WAFFLE EconoCare Overlay Efficient Pressure Ulcer Prevention with Air Cushion Technology


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  • Optimal Pressure Redistribution: EHOB's WAFFLE EconoCare Overlay utilizes a waffle design to promote air flow, ensuring three-dimensional weight distribution and even pressure redistribution for effective prevention of up to Stage IV pressure ulcers.
  • Moisture and Temperature Control: Engineered to control moisture and temperature, this overlay provides a comfortable and hygienic environment, enhancing patient comfort and well-being.
  • Precise Inflation Control: The included hand pump guarantees precise inflation levels, allowing caregivers to customize the air cushion for individual patient needs, promoting optimal support.
  • Safe Repositioning and Mobilization: Designed with handwells, this overlay assists with safe repositioning, transferring, and mobilizing patients, contributing to their overall care and comfort.
  • Leak-Proof Flex-O-Seal Design: Featuring a Flex-O-Seal design, this overlay ensures a secure and leak-proof air cushion, adding reliability and durability to the product.

EHOB's WAFFLE EconoCare Overlay is a cost-effective solution designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to Stage IV. The air cushion technology with a waffle design promotes air flow and three-dimensional weight distribution, redistributing pressure evenly. The hand pump allows precise inflation control, catering to individual patient needs. With features like handwells for safe repositioning and a leak-proof Flex-O-Seal design, this overlay prioritizes patient comfort and caregiver convenience. Ideal for single, short-term patient use in hospital environments, it offers efficient pressure ulcer prevention with optimal moisture and temperature control.

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