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XTRA POWER Portable Battery High Capacity 12,000mAh: Dual Port Charging for Ultimate Convenience

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  • High Capacity 12,000mAh: Enjoy extended usage with an impressive high-capacity battery, capable of charging your smartphone multiple times, ensuring you stay powered throughout your day.
  • Dual Port Charging: The XTRA POWER Portable Battery features dual ports, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously, making it a versatile and efficient power solution for multiple devices.
  • LED Light Battery Indicator: Keep track of your power levels effortlessly with the LED light battery indicator, providing a clear visual of the remaining power in the portable battery.
  • Compact and Portable: Designed for on-the-go convenience, this portable battery is compact and portable, ensuring you can charge your devices anytime and anywhere, making it an essential companion for your active lifestyle.
  • Universal Compatibility with New Fabric Design: With universal compatibility for the latest smartphones and tablets, this portable battery stands out with its new fabric design, elevating it from ordinary options and adding a stylish touch to your power essentials.

Unleash the power of the XTRA POWER Portable Battery High Capacity 12,000mAh. Boasting a high-capacity battery, dual port charging, and an LED light battery indicator, it is your ultimate solution for staying connected. Its compact and portable design allows you to charge your devices on the go. Compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets, the new fabric design sets it apart, bringing a touch of style to your power essentials. Experience the convenience of dual-port charging with the XTRA POWER Portable Battery.