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Mead Johnson

Enfamil NeuroPro 8 oz. Bottle Ready to Use Complete Nutrition for Infant Brain Development


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  • Expert-Recommended Formula: Enfamil NeuroPro Infant is a 20 Cal/fl oz, iron-fortified routine formula designed for full-term infants 0–12 months, closely modeled after mature breast milk for optimal nutrition.
  • Brain Building DHA: Enriched with brain-building DHA, this formula follows expert recommendations to support cognitive development during this critical stage of infancy.
  • MFGM Components: Featuring naturally occurring MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) components from whey protein concentrate, contributing to a more comprehensive and closer-to-breast-milk formulation.
  • Proprietary Blend: Unique to Enfamil, it is the only brand with a proprietary blend of GOS and PDX plus 2’-FL HMO, fostering a healthy gut microbiome and providing immune support.
  • Ready-to-Use Convenience: The 8 oz. ready-to-use bottles offer convenience for on-the-go feeding, ensuring that your baby receives the recommended nutrition with ease.

Introducing Enfamil NeuroPro 8 oz. Bottle, a ready-to-use formula designed for full-term infants aged 0–12 months. This iron-fortified, expert-recommended formula closely mimics mature breast milk, with added brain-building DHA and MFGM components for comprehensive nutrition. Enfamil NeuroPro is the only brand with a proprietary blend of GOS and PDX plus 2’-FL HMO for immune support and a healthy gut microbiome. The convenient 8 oz. bottles make it easy for parents on the go to provide the essential nutrition your baby needs for optimal growth and development.

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